About Me

I’m Rose Verde, a blogger, lecturer and author, currently I write for Forget Me Not Romance and my books are about love, hope, second chances….

I believe a writer’s life is a creative journey, a process that all exist in our mind. Sometimes, I wonder, what else can a writer do but write?
I see stories in names, in people, in events, in the fluctuating climatic conditions, in loses… The prospect is endless. And I know that all I can do is write! Show people that there is hope, in God.

Everyone loves a good story and when we write, we study our environment, do research but then our imaginations take over.  We envision different endings. For me it’s like fetching water from a well; you hold the end of the rope and start pulling gradually. I see the possibilities in expanding characters, wonder what would happen if the action sequence in this part of the story was moved up or moved back and then the story takes on life in my mind, it becomes a reality on paper for others to read.

Sometimes it’s about our pain, experience or somebout our pain, experience or something to motivate my readers. It starts with a sentence. When we were kids, all stories starts with once upon a time and the rest sentence that follows connects to that once upon a time.

I like to write stories that give people hope that everything that goes wrong can turn right again. Stories that speak of healing, love, restoration…

In the life of a writer, the story is just beginning.


I will like to thank you for taking your time to read my page. Like Chuck Palahniuk said, the goal isn’t to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.  At the end of the day the stories we tell, will live forever
Stay tuned as we take this ride together.