Christmas Wish

Debbie Regan wants Christmas like her snow globe Christmas book says. But haven outgrown the orphanage and living at the mercy of the sisters at the orphanage, the chance that her wish would come true is like the fluffy snow falling on the other side of her window. Then she finds herself in a snow globe world. Is she about to get her Christmas wish?

All Preston want is to sell off his mom’s gift that reminds him of his loss. Then he is faced with a new order his mom had placed before her death and a young girl who wants a job. And he knew nothing would be the same again.




Spring Beauty Inn

Kathy Murray lands a high profile wedding. Building a life changing profile for her wedding planner outfit is just about to come true. Then her brother insists she need help and invites their friend—her teenage crush to Mackinac Island. She is determined to keep her feelings on a tight leash and do her job.

Mike Pierce will do anything to help his friends, what he hadn’t bargain for is falling for the young girl who has been like a sister to him.

Would he be able to convince her to trust him with her heart?